Cantar accessories

Main selector V3 for Cantar X1/X2
This new version of the main selector for Cantar X1/X2 upgrade your sound recorder with an elegant design and offers 330° rotation.
Ref. 2022120
Weight 0 g
Cantar Soft Bag - KT System
Sac de transport Cantar X1/X2 - KT System Cantar X1/X2 Soft Bag - KT System
Ref. 2027020
Weight 0 g
Keyboard USB adapter
Keyboard USB adapter Adaptateur Clavier PS2
Ref. 5968191
Weight 0 g
CF Reader X2
CF Reader
Ref. 2012070
Weight 0 g
Mixer colored fader kit for CantarX1/X2
Jeu de 6 faders couleur Mixer colored fader kit
Ref. 2024042
Weight 0 g
Idequation - Cantar Soft bag
Sac de transport Cantar - Idéquation Idequation - Cantar Soft bag
Ref. 2027030
Weight 0 g