Aaton Digital - CantarMini

16 tracks ultra portable recorder-mixer

Bring it with you everywhere

6.950*,- Euros

* Without VAT - ExWorks

The CantarMini is the new Aaton's Digital's 16 tracks ultra portable recorder-mixer.

Our aim during the development of the CantarMini was : to make a small CantarX3 with half of the inputs, half of the weight and half of the price but with same qualityof microphone preamplifiers, same functionalities, same graphic interface andthe same software richness.

Analog & Digital Inputs
  • 4 low noise mic inputs, preamps with very high quality transformer (line switchable)
  • 48V Phantom, limiters, filters and EQ
  • 2 balanced line inputs
  • AES digital inputs including 2 AES42 (mode 2), AES3 pairs (4 mono chan nels) - Built-In slate mic with ext slate mic input
  • 8 analogue line level outputs ; 4 AES3 digital outputs on SubD HD 15
  • 4 Recording Media : Simultaneous recording to internal m.2 SATA 256 GB SSD, two SD cards and USB external drive
Main Features
  • All inputs can be routed to any of the 16 tracks, linear control sliders addressable to any inputs and/or output
  • All tracks and inputs can be routed to 8 analogue auxiliary outputs and/or 4 digital outputs
  • Self-Generated PDF,CSV & ALE Sound Reports embedded with deliverable media
  • Variable Delay on each analogue Inputs
  • 30 Second Pre-Record Buffer
  • Two identical on board quick release Lithium smart batteries ensure seamless switchover during recording
  • Up to 11 hours autonomy when using “stand by” mode
  • One XLR4 DC 13-17 Volts input for extra power when working on cart
Metering and Controls
  • Ultra bright large swiveling display panel, visibility optimized for shoulder work or cart, auto adjustable brightness
  • One large rotary selector for easy operation in any situation
  • On board ten channel sliders plate with magnetic linear assignable sliders
  • Direct access to monitoring and set-up functions through dedicated buttons
General Specifications
  • Open mechanical struc ture with independen t analogue , dig ital anddispla y modules f or easy main tenance and “anti-obsolescence” upgrades
  • Housing made of machined a vionic aluminium
  • Ultra-resistant coatings, water and dust r esistant
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.2 x 9.2 x 3.5 in | 259 X 234 X 90 mm
  • Weight: With batteries 7.2 lbs , 3,26 kg | without ba tteries 6.2 lbs , 2.8 kg