Cantar Mini

16 track ultra portable mixer-recorder

Now DELIVERABLE equipped with Audinate 16x16 Dante board on request

Starting from 7.590*,- Euros

* Without VAT - ExWorks, price for standard package according to models availability

From September 2022, we will offer the possibility to upgrade the existing CantarMini with 16 additional channels of Dante i/o for the price of € 1450, ex-Works, ex-VAT.
No shipping costs included.
The operation must be done in our workshop in Grenoble.

Firmware V3 available

FREE for all CantarMini users

New! All Dante equipped CantarMini are eligible for the optional software license DANTE+

Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder
  • Perfect ergonomics for cart or shoulder operation
  • Swiveling front panel with ultra bright large color display (Transvideo design)
  • User friendly with intuitive menus and confortable mechanical controls
  • Uncompromised audio quality with unique on-board mixer
  • Features integrated reports (PDF and Database), AutoSlate detection, Playback & Record...and more
Aaton CantarMini Audio mixer-recorder
Aaton CantarMini Audio mixer-recorder
Analog & Digital Inputs
  • 6 analog inputs
  • 4 mic preamps
  • 2 analog line inputs
  • 2 pairs AES42 digital Inputs can be use as 4 AES3 Inputs
Mixer & Outputs
  • 10 tracks mixer plate
  • Mixdown
  • 8 analog line outputs
  • 4 AES3 Digital output
Recording Media
  • Internal 256 Gg SSD drive
  • 2 SD cards
  • 2 USB slot
  • 2 identical on board smart batteries
  • 1 XLR4 DC 12-17 Volts input
Metering and Controls
  • Ultra bright large display panel
  • 1 large rotary control selectors
  • Linear control faders
  • Wifi and Bluetooth communication
General Specifications
  • Generates reports (PDF & database)
  • Housing made of machined avionic aluminium
  • Water and dust resistant

X3 Little brother

Our aim during the development of the CantarMini was : to make a small CantarX3 with half of the inputs, half of the weight and half of the price but with same qualityof microphone preamplifiers, same functionalities, same graphic interface andthe same software richness.

Working is easier

With its 4 microphone inputs, 2 line inputs and 2 AES42 pairs, resulting in a considerably smaller volume and a more lightweight unit - just 2.8Kg with 2 batteries on board - almost half the weight of the X3, it is ideal for shoulder work.


Always more possibilities


Like the X3, the Mini also has the indispensable tilting display, it uses the same batteries, and is compatible with the add-on mixer panel Cantarem2. Recording is done simultaneously on an internal M2-Sata SSD and two SD cards. Works with two pluggable batteries using smart battery technology.

Of course, most of the software comes across also from the well-developed CantarX3 software.

2 Years Warranty

Two-years standard warranty for all our products.


The CantarMini has already made a huge impact on the sound recording sector for cinematography, broadcast, drama, and orchestral work

Pre Rec Mode

Main Selector at the 11 o'clock position

The Pre Rec Mode allows metadata entry and management, up to 30 sec pre rec audio buffer.
It shows:
. Recording Média status, Headphone configuration
. Power management information, external and on-board smart batteries
. Timecode and remaining recording time
. Vue-meters and track settings



Main Selector at the 2 o'clock position

Manage the audio recording media and set-up sound report.
Create a new project, select the recording media and define what type of file format will be put on each media.
. Selection of recorded file format (MONO, PDF & MIXDOWN) and proxys
. Up to three Custom PDF, ALE or CSV sound reports
. Media formatting


IN Grid Routing

Main Selector at the 5 o'clock position

20 user defined In grid routing configurations with up to 10 inputs on 16 tracks
. In-Grid configuration name management
. Mix-down setup with fine pan possibility


Headphone Outmaps

Main Selector at the 6 o'clock position

Set-up the headphones outputs, line outputs and digital outputs (AES3)
. 26 user defined monitoring headphone configurations
. 26 user define configurations, choice of delays, level attenuation, playback mode to be applied to each individual 8 Line outputs and 4 AES3 outputs
. Optional Dante out map, user defined setup


Audio File Browser

Main Selector at the 7 o'clock position

This Menu enables you to edit audio file metada also manage PLAYBACK & REC file selection in all available media.
. Access to all recorded files on all four recording medias and selected projects
. Metadata modification, batch editing
. Audio file rescue and file deletion
. File bank management in Play-back & Rec mode


Play Mode

Main Selector at the 8 o'clock position

Edit previously recorded takes.
. Mix-down and single/multiple tracks playback with waveform visualisation including clap detection sync point and user sync marks
. Pre or Post fader playback mode, monitoring selection
. Metadata modifications


Audio & TimeCode parameters

Main Selector at the 4 o'clock position

. Audio parameters setting for inputs and outputs with detailed descriptions (sampling rate, Tone generator…)
. Timecode parameters (Frame rate, LTC generator, operator TC, External TC source…)
. Internal and external slate mic setup;, Rec Beep routing….
. Digital power and Dante activation


Help Screen

Available on all 12 operating screens

List all short cut and fonction keys for each operating menu
. Quick access with shift button


Analog and digital Inputs4 low noise mic preamp with very high quality transformer. 48V Phantom, limiters and filters
AES digital inputs include 2 AES42 (mode 2) pairs (4 mono channels). (AES42 can be used for AES3 inputs)
2 balanced line inputs
Built-In Slate Mic with External Slate Mic Input on 3.5mm connector
Outputs8 Analog line level outputs
4 AES3 Digital outputs on SubD HD 15
Recording Media1 x  256 SSD Drive
2 x  SD Cards
2 x  USB2 slots (Keyboard, external device...)
Connectivity- 4 Balanced Analog TA3M Mic/Line
- 1 SubDHD15 (2 pair AES42 inputs / AES3 input & output)
- 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1 PC Connect)
- 2 USB2 (Keyboard, external devices)
- 1 6.35mm (Headphone output)
- 1 3.5mm (Headphone output/ External slate mic input)
- 1 XLR4 (DC Input)
- 1 Hirose 4 pins (DC Output 500mA)
- 1 Lemo 5 (Timecode)
- 1 SubD25 (Balanced Analog Out )
- Wi-Fi (Web app based communication)
Routing- All inputs can be routed to any of the tracks
- Linear control faders addressable to any inputs and output
- Linear control faders assignable to Mixdown of 10 isolated tracks to either 1 or 2 mixdown tracks
- Mixdown can be assigned to any tracks

- mixdown can be assigned to any tracks
- Simultaneous recording to multiple media, or backup copying of recorded tracks post-record
- New improved interface menu accessible through buttons and jog wheel.
- All inputs and outputs monitoring and routing accessible through comprehensive and intuitive menus
- 16 or 24-bit Broadcast Wave File recording at sample rates from 44.1kHz~192kHz with support for pull-up/down recording rates
- Sample Rate Converters on all Digital Inputs
- Variable Delays on all analog Inputs
- 30 Second Pre-Record Buffer
- Generous 48V Phantom supply guarantees 8mA to each of the 4 Mics inputs
- High-Pass filters before the preamp stage, LFA and EQ
- Metadata entry of Scene, Take, Notes, Track Names, Roll and more with support for US and Euro-centric metadata templates
- Aaton AutoSlate automatic slate clap detection and logging
- M/S Recorded Tracks automatically decoded to L/R for Mixdown and/or monitoring
- Cantar Mini reads and displays battery metadata

Power2 smarts Lithium Ion battery 15V-3,2Ah
or  XLR4 12 - 17V DC

Wifi 2.4GHz (APP based communication)

(l x h x d)

259 x 234 x 90 mm
10.2 x 9.2 x 3.5 inches

WeightWith batteries 7.2 lbs, 3.26 kg
Without batteries 6.2 lbs, 2.8 kg

CantarX3 - CantarMini Firmware V3 (free) - new features

Cantar Firmware V3

FREE for all CantarX3 / CantarMini users

The CantarX3 / CantarMini audio engine has been reworked to extend the recorder capabilities

Thanks to users feedback, new features are now available to cover any of your production needs
Firmware version 3.xx is available for download for FREE on our website here

  • Limiter and a new maximum gain structure on both AES3 and AES42 inputs
  • A post fader equalization on tracks
  • Digital inputs and Tracks can be linked
  • Digital Limiter available on Mix-down tracks
  • Sennheiser AMBEO Mic management, ...

On top of that, Firmware V3 now gives access to high-end options(1) - AatonMix, Dante+ (now also available for CantarMini) , Auxiliary Mix Buses - requiring a small one time contribution to pay for each but well worth the money. and DropBox(2) is now part of the Cantar environment.

Contact us for a 8 days free demo license

(1)Options are available from Firmware 3.200.C6
(2)available from Firmware 3.333.C8

Cantar V3 new free Features

Cantar V3 Limiter and a new maximum gain structure on AES3, AES42 inputs

Limiter and a new maximum gain structure on AES3 and AES42 inputs

The gain maximum level (0-6-12-24-30-36 dB are available) can be individually set for each Digital input.
Limiter and gain to be setup in the input Solo Dialog box

Cantar V3 A post fader equalization on tracks

A post fader equalization on tracks

EQ to be setup in the Track Solo Dialog box.
When Soloing a Track, it can be monitored Pre or Post-fader

Cantar V3, Digital inputs and Tracks can be linked

Digital inputs and Tracks can be linked

New Link Setup interface window for Analog inputs, Digital inputs and tracks
Up to 6 link groups available for each inputs, each 1 master, 7 slaves maximum

Cantar V3, Digital Limiter available on Mix-down tracks

Digital Limiter available on Mix-down tracks

The setup is available in AUDIO & TIMECODE PARAMETERS, item Mix limiters

Take control of CantarX3 and CantarMini control with Elgato Stream Deck

New! Taking control of Aaton Digital’s CantarX3 and CantarMini with Elgato Stream Deck

Starting with firmware version 3.500.C1 or higher, the Aaton-Digital CantarX3 and CantarMini sound recorder-mixers integrate a new level of control with 15 LCD keys giving access to more than 600 self-explanatory graphical buttons, addressing, with effectively laid-out profiles, each and every menu and function key of both recorders.

Install this new fee based license to open a whole new way of using your Cantar with quick and easy access to tasks that may have required two or more selections or operations using the embedded controls.

No setup needed, simply plug Stream Deck onto one of the USB ports and enjoy a refreshing and colorful interface. Compatible with the original Stream Deck (model 20GAA9902) and Stream Deck MK.2

Update available on our website here

Contact us for a 8 days free demo license

CantarX3 control with Elgato Stream Deck

How it works

Aaton Digital custom designed icons for all 15 LCD buttons of the Stream Deck allowing you to trigger any action in your recorder that would be associated with a function key.
Key combinations are now reduced to one single push of a button while access to your ingrid or outmap menus, among other menus, has been simplified with a single lay out.
And since the buttons are LCD and therefore inherently backlit, you'll be able to use your controller even in the sometimes uncertain lighting conditions of the film set.

Start using Cantar with Stream Deck

1 - Buy a Stream Deck through Elgato sales channels (*)
2 - Install a Cantar firmware 3.500.C1 or higher.
3 - Order a streamdeck option on Aaton website
4 - Install it on the Cantar
5 - Plug your Stream Deck to the USB Cantar socket, no additional setup is required to start using it.

(*) Aaton Digital does not provide sales and service of the deck

CantarMini with Stream Deck
CantarX3 with Stream Deck
CantarX3 CantarMini Stream Deck icons
CantarX3 and CantarMini control with Elgato Stream Deck
CantarX3 and CantarMini control with Elgato Stream Deck
CantarX3 and CantarMini control with Elgato Stream Deck

Cantar in the Cloud

Cantar now offers external data storage possibility with and Dropbox cloud systems

Firmware 3.333.C8 required is a C2C cooperative solution giving access to ADOBE software for delocalized postproduction and selective data sharing.

Starting from 60,00 Euros* excl. VAT

* Subscription plan. Price includes access to cloud management in the Cantar, does not include the storage space subscription plan (to be subscribed to option allows Cantar users to upload projects to the ADOBE working environment. This is a cooperative working configuration that allows data to be dematerialized in medium to large projects.

This is an important asset to ensure integration in series productions such as NETFLIX or Amazon. is a collaborative service in a controlled film project environment, permissions are managed by the production.

CantarX3 C2C
CantarX3 C2C

Dropbox "MyCantarEverywhere"

Dropbox is the personal storage solution for Cantar data and configurations : "MyCantarAnywhere" for those who rent the machines for example.

329,00 Euros** excl. VAT

** One time purchase. Price does not include the big storage subscription plan (to be subscribed to Dropbox)
Limited time demo license available on request (Please contact us)

The Cantar can use Dropbox links to share files and folders with others without sending large attachments. With the CantarX3 or CantarMini, Aaton Digital offers a simple and powerful solution to capture and transmit original BWF audio files to Dropbox cloud storage services.

DropBox is a personal cloud file management tool with data sharing capabilities decided by the Cantar owner.

Cantar in the Cloud
Cantar in the Cloud
Aaton CantarMini Cheese plate

CantarMini package includes

1 x CantarMini
1 x Universal power supply with XLR-4 connector & an AC power cord
1 x Protective pouch

CantarMini shoulder supports

Enhance the versatility of the CantarMini

CantarMini CheesePlate
• CheesePlate modular system design to offer up to 4 separate wireless receivers.
Buy online

CantarMini Side plate
• Side Plate modular system design to offer up to 2 separate wireless receivers.
Buy online

Small Receiver/Battery Pouch
• Expand capacity of your Mini adding more wireless receivers or batteries.
Buy online

Large Receiver/Battery Pouch
• Expand capacity of your Mini adding more wireless receivers or batteries.
Buy online


Other Accessories

Cantarem 2
• The new Cantarem for the CantarMini. 12 ultra-smooth assignables magnetic faders, USB
connection to the CantarMini
Buy online

Rain Poncho
• This poncho offer a wide vinyle window on the front and protects the operator from the rain.
Buy online

Aaton X3 Color 13 Slider pack
• 13 color magnetic faders for the CantarX3. Also fits the Cantarem 2.
Buy online