Cantar now offers external data storage possibility with and Dropbox cloud systems

Firmware 3.333.C8 required is a C2C cooperative solution giving access to ADOBE software for delocalized postproduction and selective data sharing.

Starting from 60,00 Euros* excl. VAT

* Subscription plan. Price includes access to cloud management in the Cantar, does not include the storage space subscription plan (to be subscribed to option allows Cantar users to upload projects to the ADOBE working environment. This is a cooperative working configuration that allows data to be dematerialized in medium to large projects.

This is an important asset to ensure integration in series productions such as NETFLIX or Amazon. is a collaborative service in a controlled film project environment, permissions are managed by the production.

CantarX3 C2C
CantarX3 C2C

Dropbox "MyCantarEverywhere"

Dropbox is the personal storage solution for Cantar data and configurations : "MyCantarAnywhere" for those who rent the machines for example.

329,00 Euros** excl. VAT

** One time purchase. Price does not include the big storage subscription plan (to be subscribed to Dropbox)
Limited time demo license available on request (Please contact us)

The Cantar can use Dropbox links to share files and folders with others without sending large attachments. With the CantarX3 or CantarMini, Aaton Digital offers a simple and powerful solution to capture and transmit original BWF audio files to Dropbox cloud storage services.

DropBox is a personal cloud file management tool with data sharing capabilities decided by the Cantar owner.

Cantar in the Cloud
Cantar in the Cloud