Cantar V3 options - AatonMix, Auxiliary Mix Buses and Dante+

    Cantar Firmware V3 is now available fror free with new features
  • Limiter and a new maximum gain structure on both AES3 and AES42 inputs
  • A post fader equalization on tracks
  • Digital inputs and Tracks can be linked
  • Digital Limiter available on Mix-down tracks

On top of that, Cantar Firmware V3 gives 3 new options(*) (Dante+ is only available for CantarX3), requiring a small one time contribution to pay for each but well worth the money
These advanced options are available with payment of a license.

(*)Options are available from FW 3.200.C6


A high end automixing option

An automatic mixing helper for Sound Mixers having to manage multiple simultaneous inputs in noisy environments

602 Euros excl. VAT

AatonMix automatically attenuates unused microphones in multiple microphones recording configuration.
Four independent AatonMix groups (blue numbers) can be chosen and applied to selected channels and used as complement in the mix-down process

The applied attenuation is being displayed as overlay on the channel vumeters.

AatonMix Cantar V3
AatonMix Cantar V3

Auxiliary Mix Buses

A new Sub Group routing grid allows you to create up to 24 mix buses

Can be applied to two independent auxiliary channels (Ax1, Ax2).
Both channels can be sent to Digital or Analog Outputs or recorded to tracks

329 Euros excl. VAT

Auxiliary Mix Buses Cantar V3

All CantarX3 24 / CantarMini 16 bus mixes are fully controllable (gain and EQ)


A pack of advanced options based around DANTE

Including digital limiter, digital gain and equaliser on DANTE inputs.
Dante+ option is available for CantarX3 and CantarMini

329 Euros excl. VAT

Limiters, phase inversion, equalization and gain control can be independently applied to all 32 (16 for Mini) Dante input.

Dante+ Cantar V3