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February 2015

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BSC expo 2015
Micro-Salon 2015


Inside the Cantar-X3
We are manufacturing the Cantar-X3
Some measurements

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AAJAX 2015 preview
Cantarem II preview
Color slider pack

BSC Expo 2015 was held at Pinewood studios in the famous Richard Attenborough stage. It was an opportunity to present the Cantar-X3 in its commercial version with the software enabling real on-location use. The feedback was very positive and the interest in this exceptional machine confirms.


The Micro-Salon 2015 was held as usual at La Femis. Here too, we had a high number of visitors and an exceptional quality of feedback. Large numbers of our friends from the AFSI visited our booth that was shared with Transvideo. Pascal Grillere made a live presentation of the Cantar X3 in the Jacques Demy’s auditorium to a studious audience who asked many questions about its features and potential.
The presentation has been videotaped and will be available soon on the AFSI website.

As usual, exchanges allowed us to define new options that extend the possibilities of the recorder of choice for feature films.


BSC Expo

Yves Marie OMNES is a French Sound Mixer. He is part of the team which helped us to develop the Cantar-X3 and is also the first to have tested the product in a real situation.

Yves-Marie Omnes

Aaton-Digital : Yves-Marie, please introduce yourself.
Yves-Marie Omnes : After having been a boom operator for 10 years, mainly with Jean-Paul Mugel, I became a sound engineer almost 10 years ago. I am now vice president of the shooting Department of the AFSI and a representative of the sound department at La CST.
AD : What were the highlights for you in 2014?
YMO : In 2014 I saw the end of a major long-term project that I was doing with Laurent Gabiot within the AFSI. They worked all year to propose to manufacturers an information supplement to the IXML metadata of BWF files in order to improve and facilitate the sound reports. We organized a meeting during IBC 2014 with some manufacturers to present a synthesis of our proposals. Aaton-Digital and Transvideo hosted the meeting. Aaton-Digital and SoundDevices adopted this extension of IXML. We are now in contact with the English IPS and AES to prepare an official adoption of these changes.
AD : What is your vision of the profession of sound engineer for the coming years?
YMO : Our work becomes from year to year more complex. We see a lot of movies shot using multicameras., The filming time is constantly shortened and at the same time it becomes usual to redo several times each scene. New constraints force us to invent new “tricks of the trade”.
The time of recording with two microphones and one Nagra on the shoulder is definitively far away!
AD : You chose to order a Cantar-X3, why?
YMO : I ordered my X3 very early to support Aaton-Digital, and also to participate under the leadership of the AFSI to the development of the product. The X3 is undoubtedly the Rolls-Royce of audio recorders and promises an audio quality even better than that of the X2. Its abilities are much wider and its software capabilities are huge.
It is therecorder that everybody is waiting for.

Inside the X3

We are manufacturing the Cantar-X3

After one and half year of hard work, manufacturing production started mid-February, it is a very exciting time for everybody.

You can follow our production on Twitter @Aaton_Digital


Cantar X3



Cantar-X3 special introduction offer is closed!

Thank you for your confidence.
The first batch of 100 Cantar-X3 is sold.

Some Measurements

One important and critical part of the development and manufacturing process of the Cantar-X3 is in the test and control software. Our Devs developed a sophisticated test environment based on the latest Audio Precision analyzers. More than 1200 tests are performed for each machine before, during and after its production. The final auditive test is done with young ears and headphones.
Why have human being controls for each machine with such levels of automation? Because audio performance is not easy to qualify only by machines and the at Aaton-Digital, each unit is approved by a final perceptual examination.

Cantar X3 measurements
The microphone preamp FFT - 1KHz sine @ -30db, modulation -15dBFS - 100dBFS between the fundamental and the first harmonic.

Cantar X3 measurements
Headphone amplifier frequency response - lower curve, the X2, upper curve the new Cantar-X3, 3db better @ 20Hz, 1.5 db better @ 20Khz. Small difference but better sound experience.


Aajax 2015 - preview

Aajax 2015 is the computer companion of Cantar, a free Aaton-Digital application devoted to the treatment of Cantar audio files. Aajax 2015 will be compatible with Windows and recent OSX operating systems. It is designed to work with Cantar-X3 as well as Cantar X1/X2 audio files. It performs the man tasks sound recordists and post-production technicians must manage.

Mini specifications
• plays 24 tracks on a standard laptop audio card.
• seeks Cantar’s auto-slate locators.
• edits Scene & Take IDs, track-names and comments.
• embeds meta data modifications into the iXML chunk.
• adjusts pans and levels of the monitoring mix.
• interleaves monophonic groups into poly files.
• extracts and makes copies of wild tracks.
• generates ALE and PDF sound-reports.

Cantarem 2Cantarem 2

is a new 12 tracks mixer with assignable faders.
Perfect companion of the Cantar-X3, it connects via USB and uses the same sliders as those found on the Cantar-X3 embedded mixer.
Availability June 2015
PN : 2325000 - price : 1900,- euros

X3 Color Slider Pack

Exciting 13 colors pack to customize your fader on the Cantar-X3 or on the Cantarem 2. We may publish other colors !
PN : 2324005 - price : 96 euros