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Majax3 is now available

Majax3 (as a reference to Cantar X3) is now available for both Mac* and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Cantar X3's most valuable sidekick, is able to :

- View and edit metadata
   > Change metadata on multiple takes at one time
   > Change Sc / Tk / Tracknames / Notes
   > Change Filename (Short, Long, Long with underscore)

- Play takes
   > Timeline with waveform
   > Cantar X3's vumeters.

- Edit Sound Reports.
   > Configurable Pdf template
   > Csv sound report

- Interleave takes.
   > Stereo interleave of mixdown tracks.
   > Stereo interleave of user selected tracks.
   > Polyphonic interleave.
   > Polyphonic interleave with track rotation.

As a first version it is labeled as beta : 1.0.6 b

* tested on MAC OSX 10.11 El Capitan


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