Cantar X3 Full package
A full CantarX3 PACKAGE with all accessories is now available with the following packing list. 1 x Cantar X3 Package including :1 x AATON CANTAR X3, 24 Tracks Sound recorder24 Tracks Digital Audio...
Ref. 2300000
Weight 0 g
Cantar X3Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder• Perfect ergonomics for cart or shoulder operation• Swiveling front panel with ultra bright large color display (Transvideo design)• User friendly with...
Ref. 2300005
Weight 3900 g
Analog and Digital Inputs 6 analog inputs on TA3s - 4 low noise mic preamps with very high quality transformer, 48V Phantom, limiters and filters and 2 analog line inputs Multiple AES digital inputs...
Ref. 2400005
Weight 2800 g
The new Cantaress Mixing Surface from Aaton-Digital Cantaress
Ethernet connection to the CantarX3 or CantarMinidelivered with protective pouch
Ref. 2500000
Weight 0 g
Cantarem 2
12 ultra-smooth assignables magnetic faders.4 assignable user padsUSB connection to link it with the CantarX3 or the Cantar Mini
Ref. 2325000
Weight 1100 g
A-Box 8
A control box with eight fully assignable rotary controls for input, outputs or tracks.It uses a micro USB connection to be linked with the CantarX3 or the Cantar Mini.Ideally designed to slide or...
Ref. 2440000
Weight 0 g