Cantaress-screen Cantaress
Large ergonomic mixing surface with 12 assignable channel strips. The Cantaress provides for each channel an instant view and setup of analogue Input gain, solo functionalities, mix gain and...
Ref. 2500000
Weight 0 g
Cantarem 2
Portable control surface with 12 assignables magnetic linear actuators.4 assignable user buttonsUSB AD connection to the CantarX3 or CantarMini.Delivered with :1 USB AB cable 1 Protective pouch
Ref. 2325000
Weight 1100 g
A-Box 8
A control box with eight fully assignable rotary knobs for input, outputs or tracks.USB connection to the CantarX3 or CantarMini.Ideally designed to slide or clip to a shoulder strap, the A-box can...
Ref. 2440000
Weight 0 g
CheesePlate CheesePlate for CantarMini
Innovative lightweight support system for CantarMiniThe CantarMini is secured by two mounting plate and one 3/8” locking screwStrap & support legs includedEquipped with a side plate on flexible “...
Ref. 2430000
Weight 0 g
CantarMini Side plate with Large Mic Pouch Cantar Mini Side plate with large Receiver/Battery Pouch
Side Plate on flexible "gooseneck" rods accomodating two pouches for HF receivers, batteries...The pouches can let cables go through.Delivered with 1 large pouch
Ref. 2431000
Weight 0 g
Side plate support Side Wing for Cheese Plate
Extra side plate on flexible “gooseneck” rods accommodating 2 pouches for HF receivers, batteries...The pouches can let cables through.Delivered with 1 Small and 1 Large pouch
Ref. 2430020
Weight 0 g